Here are some details about some of the major MJCF Programs:

Shelter: MJCF's accommodation and rent assistance program
Many of MJCF's clients struggle to meet the very basic living needs, including: rent, food, medical expenses and utilities. .

Shelter is the single largest and exponentially growing need. . This is due to the significant increase in the cost of accommodation. Only five years ago our annual spend on accommodation was approximately $80,000 per annum. This has now increased almost six-fold to in excess of $450,000.

In the last financial year alone, we assisted more than 70 families, including many single mothers, to keep a roof over their heads. We are proud that and in many instances, this program has helped to combat homelessness and has literally saved families from eviction. .

Food Assistance Program
In the last financial year, the MJCF provided more than $240,000 in food assistance. This is done, primarily, through vouchers to Coles Supermarkets and local butchers. These vouchers are not redeemable for cigarettes and alcohol. Without these vouchers many families would not be able to feed their children and provide them with basic nourishment and sustenance. Often we react to reports of people being forced to send their children to school without an adequate breakfast or lunch.

Jewish Festival assistance program
This program provides funds directly to families prior to the Jewish Festivals when expenses are greater than normal. This affords our clients and their children with the dignity to participate in the most important and festive times of the year.

Medical Assistance Program
We provide more than $60,000 per year to enable proper medical care and equipment to those who otherwise would not be able to afford it. This includes assisting with medical emergencies and ongoing health issues which can significantly impact upon a family's finances and meet their expenses. We also provide medical equipment on loan with no costs, such as wheelchairs and other mobility equipment. The fund also has two vans that have been customised for wheelchairs available to the community at no cost. This service removes the mobility hurdle for many families and memebs of the community who were restricted in their movements due to age, health or physical handicap

Children's Summer Camp Program
For over 50 years, the Jewish Welfare Society subsidised underprivileged children to attend Jewish Summer Camps. This program ended approximately 6 years ago. .

Since then, we have stepped in to take over this program. . Last year alone, we funded approximately 100 children from different backgrounds and schools to attend camps, across the community spectrum. These children would not otherwise be able to attend. We maintain a structured application program together with the camps. Each application is carefully considered.

Children's shoe subsidy program
A number of years ago, we became aware that children were attending schools with torn and ill-fitting shoes because parents could not afford new properly sized ones. To address this, we now provide shoe vouchers to families in need. These vouchers can be redeemed at a specialist children's footwear store. This allows children to wear shoes that fit properly and provide appropriate support and comfort for growing bodies. It also allows parents to obtain these shoes in a dignified manner.

We employ a social worker who works very closely with the families in need and provides the emotional support and guidance that families who are in the most dire of circumstances require. The social worker also provides recommendations to the committee on the most vulnerable of cases and the support that is recommended. When appropriate, the fund will pay mental and health care professionals to directly engage with the client.
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